• Where to look for Shaggy Mane Mushrooms

    “Suddenly appearing in people’s lawns-in troops or lines or rings-this mushroom is well known and relatively easily recognized. Its distinguishing features include its shape and stature, and the fact that the gills “deliquesce,” turning themselves into black ink as they mature.” (mushroomexpert.com)

    The shaggy mane mushroom: whose scientific name is coprinus comatus is a very distinctive mushroom and a flavorful variety. Vegetarians can easily use this as a meat substitute. The mushroom’s most distinct hallmarks are the bullet-like shape of its head and its thin white, delicate-looking scales. As time progresses, the cap turns, or transforms into inky black goo; this starts at the very bottom of the cap and works its way up. Its seasons run from spring to autumn.  Found on youtube.com, is a quick-paced time lapse movie of a shaggy mane mushroom that grows, peaks, and shrivels, over a couple of days. You will be able to see the ink on the mushroom as it ages; sort of looking like a bent over ink blob. (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgbqE9QC5-Q )

    “Liquefied Coprinus comatus was used as writing ink in George Washington’s day. Despite its seemingly frail appearance, this mushroom can generate enough power to perform one of nature’s most astonishing weight-lifting acts. Emerging shaggy mane caps may lift asphalt pavement into the air in segments, fragmenting it in the process. They do this by gradually absorbing water and slowly expanding, exerting upward pressure far out of proportion to their fragile substance.” (mykoweb.com)

    “Shaggy manes are frequently found in disturbed ground, and the edges of dirt roads can produce many mushrooms. In the Rocky Mountains, Coprinus comatus can be seen from the car during monsoon season by simply driving four-wheel-drive roads and keeping an eye on the roadsides.” (mushroomexpert.com)

    According to alibaba.com, Coprinus comatus is being sold in and from Changsha, which is a city in Hunan China in the form of powder packaged in a bottle or drum. The place of origin is Sichuan, China, which is the mainland, and the brand name is Changsha Nutramax Inc. The delivery time is five days and the minimum order quantity is: “25 Kilogram/Kilograms 100 Trial Order”.  

    Look for the shaggy mane mushrooms in wood chips, grass, or bare, hard-packed soil in the fall; although it can sometimes be found in the spring. “Look near roadways and in poor soil for this mushroom. Oftentimes, they will grow in cultivated fields or anywhere the soil has been disturbed.” (ehow.com). Coprinus comatus is usually easy to find or purchase, since it has multiple uses. It can be used as a psychedelic  drug (although not recommended for use with alcohol), it can be used for cooking and frying, and it can be used as writing ink (if you’re old fashioned).


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