• What to do when you get Bad Service in a Restaurant

                    I enjoy a good meal out once in a while, and in that once in awhile period, I want my service to be good. I don’t want to sound like a snob and such, but having good service will generally keep the customer happy throughout the entire time they are in the restaurant.

                    But let us say that during your “once in awhile” meal, or every day meal- depends on how your restaurant whims lead you- the service is horrendous, the waiters are slow at your bidding, the food is not as you ordered and its cold, the waiters are grumpy and rude, etc., etc., etc. That can certainly make you as a customer upset and not want to come back that restaurant. It can make your day turn from good to bad, and in turn, your bad day gets passed on to others. That can be avoided with the right tactics in hand and mind.

                    First of all, come to the restaurant with an, “everything is good and happens for a good reason and I am not going to let bad things ruin my day,” attitude. A positive attitude on what is going on around you will keep you focused on only what is good. Now for a situation. You are seated at a table- finally- and you sit for a long time waiting to be handed the menu. Not a single waiter seems to notice that you are there, and you think that maybe you are invisible. Waiters are dashing about all around you, but none come to you. This can make you annoyed.

                    But wait, what about that, “I am not going to let bad things ruin my day,” policy? If you use the positive outlook tactic, then you may be able to realize that maybe the waiters aren’t coming to you at the moment because they have customers who they need to attend to first. Or, maybe, the restaurant is understaffed, and you need to give the waiters the benefit of the doubt and understand that they have a big load to carry. Now you begin to understand, and the anger dies down.

                    OK, maybe the service in a certain restaurant you go to is actually bad. Well then, there are still things you can do so as to avoid friction and a major scene. Maybe the waiters are rude to you and do their job half-halfheartedly. Even if you feel like punching that waiter, do not do so. Treat them with respect, even if they don’t. Everybody deserves to be treated right, even if they don’t treat others right. Hold your tongue, even if it feels uncontrollable to keep it from spilling out what you think of that waiter.

                    If the food you are given is not what you wanted, or is cold, don’t take it out on the waiter who brought it. Politely and respectfully tell them in a normal tone of voice the situation. If the waiter does not seem to care, thank them politely for bringing your food, and eat it. Being calm about the situation and not getting angry may make the waiter see his wrong, and he might apologize and offer to bring you the right plate of food. If not, then the waiter should learn manners, or possibly be fired, but that is not your business.

                    If you are friendly and show good manners and respect in spite of the bad service, that is all that matters. You came to that restaurant to enjoy good food and relax, and if bad service ruins it for you, then I suggest going to another place. If you decide to stay, be the one with the good manners even if the restaurant doesn’t and treats you rudely. It matters what you do, not them.


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