• What is Worse to Eat at Mcdonalds or to Work there

    I hear criticism from people about McDonalds’ food occasionally, but it is usually from older adults. Never have my children or grandchildren ever complained about eating at McDonalds. Of course the lure for very young children is the proverbial “Happy Meal”. What a coup that was in the fast food industry. The very best thing is that the food is consistant. Every McDonalds makes everything the same way every time. You know what to expect when you go in.

    McDonalds has changed the menu, not a lot, but often enough, adding new tastes and flavors. They have a few things such as the McRib that they only serve for limited periods of time, bringing it back once or twice a year, which is strong enticement to those who find these items tasty. They have fish, chicken and beef burgers. Some have double meat; some have double buns; some have special sauce. You can get any of these with or without cheese. They have good breakfast foods and yummy salads. What’s not to like?

    McDonalds has the all-time best french fries. It would behoove the government to leave them alone about the fat content, because none of us fry lovers want them to change. We can walk it off and eat roughage the next day. Cravings must be satisfied, after all.

    Working there is not necessarily as good as the food. My son got a job at a local McDonalds when he was sixteen years old and still in high school. They scheduled his hours so that he had no time for anything else in his life, and were very rigid about sticking to the schedule – unless they were the ones to need to change it. He was never supposed to work after midnight. Weeknight after weeknight, he was still sweeping, mopping and wiping tables well after midnight for minimum wage. We had complained previously about the late hours for a student. The complaints landed on deaf ears. One night my husband drove up to pick him up at about 12:30 a.m. He had to wait for him for over an hour, all the while watching him mop while the two other employees stood around. At 1:30a.m. my husband got out of the car, went inside, told our son to turn in his uniform, and they walked away.

    This occurred some years ago, and I sincerely hope things have changed. Nevertheless, I have observed young people being berated by managers in front of customers, and being given the worst of the chores. There is a McDonalds in a county near here that never has an adult manager, and it is never clean or efficient. The drive through has given me the wrong items several times. I do not go back to that one.

    I have found that to be the only one like that in my experiencs. I still take my grandchildren to eat at McDonalds. It is a treat for them, and I enjoy it as well.

    My husband and I believe in teaching work ethic to young people. Our teens always had light jobs as well as chores around the house, but this does not mean “slave labor”. School always comes first. McDonalds did not see it that way. Obviously my response is that eating there is way better than working there.


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