• What Causes a Dry Cough?

    Dry cough is one of the most common problems faced by lots of people. What causes a dry cough? This condition can be due to sudden changes in the atmospheric temperature, dry air or air pollutants. It usually appear fast and may last for several weeks. This condition can also be due to infections like cold and flu or it can be due to an infection in the sinuses. In addition, if you are exposed to dust or smoke and chemical fumes, this can increase your risk of experiencing dry cough.

    Other common causes of dry cough include cigarette smoking and allergies. When you cough, your body tries to eliminate the irritants from your body. However, this is often helpless and can only make you feel more uncomfortable. Experts believe that dry cough is also a symptom of an underlying medical condition that involves the lungs like acute bronchitis, pneumonia or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

    In case your dry cough exceeds one week, it might be necessary to consult a medical health expert immediately to determine what is causing your condition. If you are consuming medications for high blood pressure, this can also trigger such cough conditions. If this is the case, you can simply discuss it with your physician and change your medication or reduce the dosage of consumption in order to relieve your cough condition.

    You can easily determine if you are suffering from dry cough since it usually comes with various symptoms. Since it is, which means there is no mucus formation. With this condition, you may also experience having a ticklish feeling in your throat. This can be very irritating at times, especially if there are intense bouts of coughing. Persistent dry cough may also result to fatigue and redness of the face. This may also result to difficulty talking and breathing.

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