• Top 5 Fast Food Burgers

    Top Five Fast Food Burgers

    They have been called many things, a heart attack on a bun, cholesterol killing machines and a variety of other obscene things but I still like a good hamburger. Well maybe we should say that I love a good burger. I am a burger fanatic. I love burgers and will try just about any kind of burger. One of the great things about my love of all things burger is the fact that you can get them virtually everywhere. It seems that burger places are everywhere these days and getting a quick fix on your burger craving is easier than ever before.

    These are my top five favorite fast food burgers. This listing is far from scientific but is based on my personal opinions, so take them for what they are worth.

    5.) Big Mac – McDonald’s
    Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese You know the rest I am sure. I have been able to sing that jingle since I was a kid and I can remember eating my first Big Mac. It was a messy disaster. Special sauce all over the place and the sandwich was literally coming apart at the seams. Even though I ended up eating the burger with a fork, because it was beyond my ability to handle, a love for the Big Mac was born. I honest confession, I have given in to a Big Mac attack more often than I wish to admit. The Big Mac is indeed a classic among fast food burgers and is more than likely here to stay.

    4.) The Baconator – Wendy’s
    This is likely the newest burger that is in my top five. If you like burgers with bacon this one is for you. Wendy’s unveiled the Baconator as one of the supreme bacon cheese burgers on the market. My first thought about the name was death by bacon cheeseburger, what a way to go. One of the reasons that I like the Baconator so much is because of the bacon. The beef with the combination of all that bacon is just a sight to behold and to enjoy. The Baconator delivers a great sandwich with a that lives up to its name.

    3.) The Whopper – Burger King
    The Whopper is an amazing sandwich that tops the burger line up at Burger King. Of the three main fast food chains, the Whopper is my favorite burger. The Whopper has excellent toppings and seems larger than the Big Mac. I also love the flame broiled taste that comes from the Whopper. There are fewer Burger King’s in my area and it makes getting one a bit of a hassle. In my area there is a special on Wednesdays that offers a special deal on two whoppers. This is often too hard for me to pass up.

    2.) Big Buford – Rallys
    The Big Bufford is exactly that big. Two patties of sizzling beef, layered with cheese and loaded with toppings. The Big Bufford is often on special in my area and I enjoy them frequently. The Bufford is one of the best and freshest burgers that you will be able to find. It has to be the best double cheeseburger on the planet. The Bufford is hard to beat.

    1.) The original White Castle – White Castle
    My favorite fast food burger has to be the White Castle. The White Castle burger is one of those love hate relationships. Either you them or you hate them. The White Castle burger is small but it is also cheap and eating many doesn’t pinch your wallet too badly. The White Castle is unique in many ways. First, it is steam grilled on a bed of onions and therefore seems less greasy. It has only onion and pickles on it for a simple yet satisfying taste. When I was a kid we would go and buy them by the sack.

    These are my favorite burgers, but may not necessarily meet your tastes for fast food burgers. That is more than okay. We all have different tastes and there are more than enough burgers out there to satisfy even the most avid burger fanatic.


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