• The Pluses and Minuses of Fast Food

    Fast food is a major factor in the consumption habits of various industrialized countries like the United States.  The fast food industry has become a very powerful force, not just in terms of societal behavior but also in terms of political influence.  On the one hand, many people understand that fast food may not be the best choice in terms of proper nutrition.  However, people continue to buy fast food in large quantities, since the drive-through fits very nicely into people’s lives.  The fast food establishment has not always been around, and it may decline in popularity in the future.  However, for now the fast food restaurant is a fixture in the modern societal consciousness.  With that in mind, here are a few of the pluses and minuses of partaking in fast food. 

    Time and convenience

    The advantage of fast food is that it is quick and convenient.  People have filled their lives with all sorts of activities.  This includes extended hours of work, social events, little league games, and traveling.  Rather than have to go shopping for ingredients and spend time cooking, people can whisk through the fast food restaurant and get the family fed.  Some people experience a certain amount of stress in their lives, and they seek to alleviate some of that stress by quickly and conveniently addressing certain daily tasks. 

    Taste buds

    Another positive aspect of fast food for some people is the taste experience.  Some individuals really enjoy the taste of fast food.  Granted, this is because the basic components of fast food are fat, carbs, salt, and sugar.  These are all “comfort” ingredients and people often pursue things that they enjoy.  Therefore, people may make fast food a part of their life because it provides them with some level of “happiness.” 

    Cost…sort of…

    Fast food can be a bit of a paradox when it comes to cost.  On the one hand, fast food is cheaper than other “sit down” restaurants.  This is particular true for “$1” or “value” menus.  However, it is typically still cheaper to buy ingredients from a grocery store and cook them at home.  People justify spending money on fast food because they convince themselves that their time is worth something from a monetary standpoint.  Still, fast food can add up, particularly if people buy combo meals and make fast food a regular part of their weekly routine. 

    Health and wellness

    Finally, there is nutrition, which can be a major issue with fast food.  Despite the fact that some fast food establishments sell bottled water, fruit, salads, and smaller portions, the basic menu of a fast food restaurant is not healthy.  As mentioned, fat, sugar, carbs, enriched white flour, and salt can lead to a bevy of health issues.  This includes obesity, heart attacks, cancer, and variety of other diseases.  Again, many people know this but assume that they will be able to combat the effects of fast food through exercise or medical help.  Fast food continues to be an interesting aspect of life.  It is mostly bad for people, but they can’t seem to get away from it. 


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