• Complications of Strep Throat

    If you get a strep throat, besides feeling miserable, you usually cannot do anything. However, just to warn you, you probably should not be underestimated throat inflammation. Because there are several complications that may arise from strep throat that does not get serious treatment. Some of them include rheumatic fever disease, coronary heart disease or kidney problems.

    Need to know what the strep throat look like, here are some images you can look through.

    Blessings the discovery of antibiotics, strep throat is no longer going to be fatal as it decades ago. In this case, with antibiotic will allow for strep throat can be treated, so it will not lead to dangerous complications. But in some cases, many people are afraid of using antibiotics. And that you should know, untreated strep throat can cause dengue fever or tonsillitis.

    In many instances, many people who are not treating strep throat, ear infection risk, mastoiditis, sinusitis (infection of the mastoid process, which is part of the skull behind the ear, also glomerulonephritis (ie. an infection of the blood vessels of the kidneys) and even a peritonsillar abscess (a collection of pus near or besides the tonsils).

    You need to remember that, the condition is a contagious disease and if someone in your family has been infected, the possibility of other family members who have direct contact also get very high chance of infection. Strep throat is spread through close contact, coughing and sneezing.

    I am sure that you would not be happy if you have a sore throat because of that you will suffer swollen lymph glands, fever, or even swollen tonsils and cough. Sore throat is often mistaken for a sore throat but you have to leave the diagnosis to a qualified doctor. In These case, Instead of endure inconvenience and risk of complications, it is best to come to the doctor to get right treatment for the bacteria infections.

    Given the fact that antibiotics can produce various side effects, doctors only prescribe the drug when a serious illness. If strep throat is caused by an infection does not appear streptococcus bacteria, doctors generally recommend letting the illness heal naturally. But if the symptoms of strep throat persist for more than a few days and seems to intensify, physicians may prescribe treatment with penicillin or amoxicillin. Antibiotics have been successfully used to cure sore throats for decades and they are still effective in treating the disease at this time.

    Because people may underestimate with sore throat, frequent complications will certainly make you more uncomfortable with your day. Proper handling by contacting the appropriate doctor to get first aid, to minimize the risk for strep throat lead to complications.

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